Monthly Archives: July 2015

Hackerspace meets Muse Fablab, AGAIN! (on wed 29th)

We are happy to forward this invitation from Sabina of MUSE Fablab:

Hello everybody!

As agreed during our last meeting almost two weeks ago, we are going to meet this Wednesday at MUSE FabLab from 6.30 till 9 pm.

I suggest to use again the google doc for listing interesting topics to discuss Wednesday. I can eventually show you how to use some lab machinery (i.e. the laser cut?) and I warmly suggest again to find a bit of time to start thinking about a electronics components bill of material.

Charalampos wanted to bring at the lab some of his devices, and probably Enrico could bring his iModela for some tests…

Anyway, add here the topics you would like to discuss on Wednesday.

Please, as for the last meeting, register on eventbrite just to keep controlled the number of participants.

Again, the event will be not made public in eventbrite platform.

Thanks for understanding.

See you on Wednesday!