A Hackerspace is a physical space for sharing equipment and ideas, creating, collaborating, for research and for development, for mentoring, and of course, learning.

every thursday night at hackerspace trento

A Hackerspace is also more than a physical space, it’s a community, is an educational not-for-profit organization. It is intended to be an open, community-operated and self-financed workspace, with no-leader, whose principal pillars are based on do-ocracy, consensus and be excellent to each other. A place where people do what they love to do.

We self-finance all the activities through paying members fees, beverage sales, and parties. We also welcome one-time or recurring donations from members and non-members alike. Donations and sponsorships will accompany renovation and equipment purchase.

A Hackerspace is self-organized place.

Tentative Idea:

Members have votes because they are the reason why we exist. However, the co-founder, for the moment, retain all final decision making.

Any decision that involves contracts with external parties, e.g. rental contracts, requires a 72% approval votes of co-founders (strong majority). Any external decisions that are not unanimous requires at least two votes. Decisions that are purely internal require a 51% vote (simple majority). Eventually, a manager will be required who can make decisions day to day. These decisions are reviewed at each meeting and made permanent. The manager will be rotated monthly from co-founders.

New co-founders are added by strong majority. Candidates for new co-founders must be supported by two existing co-founders and demonstrate a strong interest in the pillars of the organization.

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